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S-, R- and G-loans

The payments of G-loans and R-loans begins two years after the end of studies, which are considered to be the final date of the last period of assistance. Repayments are usually made twice annually, on the one hand a fixed payment due on 1 March and on the other an income-based payment due on 1 September each year. A fixed repayment is the same for all borrowers but the income-based payment is based on the income of the previous year according to a tax return.

For borrowers beginning to pay off their student loans, the fixed payment in the first repayment year is usually due on 30 June instead of 1 March. However, the income-based payment in that year is still due on 1 September.

Interest on student loans is calculated as of the closing of the bond, i.e. at the end of the last loan period. The interest on R- and G-loans is 0,4%. S-loans are interest-free.