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Study grant at end of studies

If a student completes a degree within the period of time expected in the organisation of the school, he or she qualifies for a study grant amounting to 30% reduction of the principal of his or her student loan debt including index compensation as of the date when the bond is closed.

A study grant is only awarded for studies organised as a full programme of studies for a minimum and two semesters, i.e. amounting to at least 60 ECTS-units or their equivalent. Students have some leeway in delaying their studies without reducing their eligibility for a study grant and this can be:

1. One year beyond period specified in the organisation of an apprenticeship, internship or preparatory studies.

2. One year beyond the period specified in the organisation of a bachelor degree and masters degree.

3. Six months beyond the period specified in the organisation of a diploma degree.

4. Two years beyond the period specified in the organisation of a doctorate degree.

Exemptions from academic progress according to Articles 3.4.1 – 3.4.6 in the allocation rules 2020-2021 are not regarded as a delay in studies. Before a study loan can be granted to a student, confirmed information must be available about when the student’s studies began and when they finished with a verified copy of the final degree. A student is responsible for having these documents available to the Fund.

Usually, the confirmation must have been received by the Fund within 6 months from the end of studies.